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School meals have really moved on over the years. School catering staff up and down the country are creating exciting, nutritious menus that encourage our children to be adventurous and try new foods, as well as enjoy their favourites but with less fat, salt and sugar.

Inspired by the great work being done by these school food heroes and heroines, our chefs at Veg HQ set to work on recipes that were both delicious and nutritious, as well as easy to prepare…

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After months of tireless hours in our kitchen, our first range of sausages developed specifically for schools were ready. Our  finest products yet, packed full of the tastiest, freshest vegetables lovingly grown by our farmers across the country. The Tomato, Red Pepper & Mozzarella and Cauliflower Cheese Sausages were proudly taken around the country into school dining rooms to face the ultimate critics – the children, and they were a hit!

Cooked straight from frozen in less than 20 minutes, our sausages are quick and easy to prepare; and they’re perfect with bangers and mash, sausage casserole, toad in the hole, or even with a veggie breakfast. That’s not all—our mild, yet flavoursome sausages will keep even the fussiest of eaters happy at meal times. Better yet, they meet the school food standards set out by the School Food Plan.


Since our launch in early 2015 we’ve taken our Tomato, Red Pepper & Mozzarella Sausage and our Cauliflower Cheese Sausage all around the UK for the children in the schools to try – from Gloucester to Edinburgh, London to Inverness and everywhere in between. The aim was to show the kids that vegetables can be tasty, and that there are so many ways for them to be eaten.

It also showed the chefs, teachers, and other catering staff that the children liked the products before they chose to put them on their menus. Most of the students who tasted our sausages loved them – and they even renamed them to give them more “child-friendly” names. We now tell the kids who try our sausages that they’re “Pizza Sausages” and “Cheezy Sausages”. The “Pizza Sausage” seems to be inching ahead of the “Cheezy Sausage” as the school favourite, but there’s not a lot in it!